We maintain a shooting range in Queen’s Park where we teach both adults and juniors about the safe handling of firearms and provide expert coaching for target shooting skills. We are proud of our success by placing one of our adult women on the Canadian National team. Our junior team consistently wins medals at competitions all over the province.

Our indoor range also has full facilities for disabled shooters and our wheelchair shooters participate in competitions locally, nationally, and internationally, and they have won awards competing in all these areas. Our wheelchair shooters have formed a club called, B.C. Wheelchair Target Sports.

Times and location

Interested in a little competitive shooting? Pay us a visit, here is our time table and location, come down, participate, and help us go for the gold.

7 pm till 9 pm
7 pm till 9 pm
Juniors and adults, air rifle
6 pm till 8:30 pm
Air rifle
9 am till 11:30 am


For more information on Shooting Sports contact:

John Caldarella: (604) 597-5194

Garth Gendron: (604) 521-1519

James Abbott: (604) 526-7414